Lavender Warehouse - Covid-19 Steps

Due to the lock down with Covid-19 (or Corona Virus) it has allowed Lavender Warehouse to spend time on the details of our products and our online business with our Instagram account and our Facebook page.

Lavender Hand SanitizerOur products now include Lavender Hand Sanitizers and an awesome Lavender Hand Soap. These products are a great source to keep up with the recommendations by the CDC for helping to prevent or offset the Corona virus. Frequent hand washing is recommended by the CDC, and our Lavender Hand Soap is hardworking yet mild and leaves hands feeling soft and nourished, even after repeated use.

We have both a Lavender Body Balm and Body Butter and they are a great way to protect your hands from all the washing as recommended by the CDC during the Covid-19 Lock down or stay home orders.

Stress and sleep deprivation are a big concern of many during this Covid-19 virus. We have several products that can help with anti-anxiety and sleep deprivation. Our Lavender Essential oil diffusers are a great source of natural aromatherapy and are known to help with anxiety and sleep therapy or sleep deprivation. We have several Diffusers and Lavender Essential Oils to pick from for both kids and adults. For the Children we have Kids Unicorn diffusers and for the adults we have everything from portable to ceramic or glass to include an owl that’s one of our most popular.

Lavender Warehouse prides itself on making or sourcing the absolute best products in the Lavender industry.

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