Lock Down & Lavender Aromatherapy

The Covid-19 Lock-Down has caused a lot of issues for everyone not just the disruption financially, but a lot of emotional and undue stress among families both adults and children. One of the biggest issues is with everyone being locked down with the worldwide stay home orders is that everyone is locked in their homes twenty-four seven with their entire family. This puts a lot of unplanned pressure and stress on the parents young and old as well as the children and is truly unprecedented. The stress this has brought on families is enormous. There is a rise in alcoholism, drug abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse along with higher suicide rates among families around the world. Families are having to learn how to be the parent, child, boss, school teacher and counselors all in one.

Lavender Aromatherapy & DiffuserOne of the best products in the world to help offset the anxiety and stress is Lavender. Lavender has been proven in several studies to reduce stress and anxiety. ( this is one of my favorite studies on the benefits of the aroma of Lavender and the calming affect ).

Lavender Warehouse carries a host of Lavender aromatherapy products that can help to calm the entire family and help with anti-anxiety. We carry lavender products such as essential oils both roll-ons and drops for diffusers, lotions, body butter and body balm as well as shampoo and spritzer even lavender hand soap and hand sanitizer. We currently offer free shipping over $75. 

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